Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Mumma


Gerardo proposed ! He took me out to lunch and then to the beach. At the beach he told me that i have made him change a great deal and he wants to continue to change to become a better person, and he knows he can only achieve that if i am by his side guiding him! I got sooooo shy as he was talking, i didn't even want to look at him haha. i kept hiding my head or putting it to the side, lol he could tell is was SHY which in return made him a little shy too (he went red ;P) He got down on one knee and told me that i was his first priority and so was our baby. Yes i am pregnant, around three months now :D I am staying with my parents till Gerardo and i both save some money. It is what is best for my child and i. I can't wait to see my babies face & even though when i first found out it was so stressful the only way i can look at it now that this is a blessing. Every child is a blessing :)


I have been feeling really tired lately and so far have taken two blood tests, but in the last one i took she filled three tubes up haha! I have a feeling it is a boy, but about three weeks ago i had a dream it was a girl. We'll see, as soon as i can find out the sex of the baby i am going to find out! We have already chosen names, for a boy Salvador and for a girl Selena :)

Anyways back to the proposal when he placed the ring on my finger it was toooooo big haha it fell off straight away haha he thought that my fingers would be the size of his little finger but WRONG lol my fingers are skiny as haha i get it back on January the 5th because at the moment the ring is being re-sized. I was measured to be a size I.

Hope you all had a Feliz Navidad y un Buen Año Nuevo, Con much amor y cariño.


  1. That is so romantic. Congratulations!!

  2. I'm so happy for you <3 I hope everything goes well with you, your fiance and your baby <33333

  3. rosita thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment i do miss my doggie :) nun the less congrats an im happy for you that your boo proposed :) an that you will be a mom i know it seems stressfull but you have such a warm heart you will be an amazing mother :)

  4. AWW! Congratulations on the engagement! I felt the same way when my husband proposed. I lost my engagement ring because it was so loose that it fell off my finger! :(

    Congratulations, doll!

  5. ROSITA BONITA!!! (jajja i like to rhyme things) FELICIDADES!!!! Omg how exciting and i love the name Salvador it was on my list when naming my son! You have two beautiful gifts this christmas! Stock up on some 7up and crackers girl you're gonna need them at night :)

  6. Beautiful! Congrats on both the baby and the wedding, you'll make a beautiful bride XOXO

  7. You are super stunning!

    Congrats on your engagement and your little baby!
    Love the blog - hope we can give eachother a follow. :)



  8. I follow your blog)
    and hope that you will be at my too)