Monday, October 11, 2010

Just Breathe

As most of you know i have been feeling a little under the weather. It seems work, studies and going to class is getting the better of me BUT i won't let it.
Life is simply too short and by dwelling on things will not get you anywhere.

Alot of us are so caught up in troubles that we forget to appreciate even the smallest things like breathing; every breath is a gift, or seeing the sunrise which reminds us it is the awakening of another beautiful start in our lives.

If any of you have been feeling low lately, of have troubles of your own, or even have people making trouble for you, just know that life is too short. Smile at every moment possible.
I once read a quote that really inspired me, i cannot remember who it was by but it said something along the lines of -- Fire can only be quenched by water.
So next time someone gives you are greezy, simply smile at them, or if someone is bugging on you, don't bug on them back, simply do the opposite and see how it goes.

Do things that make you happy.
When i am feeling sad and run down i like to go for long walks were i can hear nothing but the birds and feel nothing but the breeze. It may sound silly but it truely calms me down.
Also taking long baths and filling the bathroom with candles.
Recieving Lots of cuddles from someone you adore & also giving. I find when i give someone something and i see them smile it makes me even more happier then recieving a gift.
ICE CREAM and lots of it. How i love the loud song of the ice cream truck on those summer days.

Pampering yourself, put on your favourite tunes, do your nails, wear a face mark and read your favourite book, or watch your favourite FUNNY movie. 'Along Came Polly' is a good one. The first time i watched it i must have rewinded it countless of times watching that chubby blonde guy entering the vicinity saying "the man is here" and progressing to fall over haha!
Everytime you go out takes lots of photos and look back on them when you feel like this. Remember the feeling you had when you were taking those photos, and say to yourself that you will have plenty of more moments like these.
Blog about how you are feeling, what makes you happy so you can look back on these.

Doing these things is like giving, as Holly from 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' likes to say it'the reds' , a smack right were it hurts and to leave thee alone!

Your smiles are to precious to be waisted away!

Yesterday was a beautiful day! I had not seen my boyfriend for a little over a week which is not like us. I was so busy with work and everything that we only got to speak each night for only 15minutes because i was so tired. That really took a toll on my mood.

Yesterday was a beautiful summery day which we have not had in months. I took him around to wear i grew up, showed him my primary school and the old play ground i used to play at, even at my oldschool. We are seven months into the relationship and the question arose, why have i not shown him this early?
Well i could only come up with one answer! Lazyness, and it strikes each and every one of us. I am not going to play that card anymore so i am practising awareness, and trying to make each moment count!

Gerardo & I on our way to the park

We ate ice cream at the park and i couldn't help but laugh on the way he eats/sucks on it! The we bought lollies including those little lollies in the shape of teeth and stuck them in our gums acting silly! We then came back to la casa, to eat and watch one of my favourite movies of all time. 'A walk to Remember'. If you have not seen it, SEE IT!
Most of you may think this is all rather mushy but like i said, i post about the things that make me happy! So you should you, everyone is unique, so what may be appealing to me, may not be to you, and vise versa!

The long journey ahead that awaits you, let it be beautiful!
Mine is self healing and growing.
Whats yours?

Mucho Amor



  1. Thank you for your sweet comment! This is a great post. Its amazing how effective simply being open to the possiblility of goodness in any situation can make things better. The mind is a powerful thing! <3

  2. thanks for the follow hun! you have a lovely blog. i'm following you too <33

  3. Sometimes the simplest thing could makes us more relaxed and happy.. it's just the way things are. When I'm feeling down, just a walk in the beach makes me more at peace with myself (: I think sometimes our problem is that we try to find happiness in others and in things when the happiness it's inside our heart (:

  4. Sarah: No problem, he seemed like something quite special, i pray he rests is peace. Indeed, that is something i always say, the mind is a powerful thing. Much love.

    Cha: I love your blog, especially the pictures of your travels. It inspires me :) Thankyou for following.

    Marisa: That is very true and that is what i was trying to get across with my blog. You are always right on point. Thankyou for all the beautiful comments, i really have enjoyed recieving and reading them! Look forward for a new post of yours too :) I can relate so much to your writings. Much love!

  5. "Fire can only be quenched by water" What a wonderful quote. I used to be the opposite of that. Whenever someone was giving me a hard time, I would do the same to them. But you're completely right, life IS too short for that.

    Congrats on your blog, it's amazing! x

  6. I really like and enjoy your writing! And I totally agree with your points! Isn't it in the end the purpose of life is to be happy? Life is too short to be wasted with negative stuff!

    Have a super lovely one, darl (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  7. awesome blog!

  8. Lovely lovely post!! :)

  9. I used to be the same too steph, so i feel you but sometimes it is better to just let it slide, after all, the quicker you burn it out, the sooner you are drama free and happy.

    Thankyou for your comments everyone :)

  10. Lovely post, very inspiring words - when things get me down, I take a nap. Things always seem better when you're well rested :) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog, come back any time!

    <3 Alison

  11. your post has a great message. you're right, we should take the time to appreciate little things in life. :D

    <3, Mimi

  12. hi!
    I really enjoyed reading your post today,you really write well :) I'm hoping you feel better real soon XOXO

  13. Love your post and pretty pictures!

  14. Ahw! Seems like the best day ever?
    Icecream AND lollies, JEALOUS. haha
    You've a really sweet writingstyle, hella awesome. ( :
    Cool blog!


  15. Alison - that is sooo true. Whenever i have not slept properly things always appear to be worse then they really are :) Good point.

    Thankyou all for your comments, honestly it is really nice to read comments from people all over the world. That is what i love about this :)

    Bruno - haha best day every and thankyou :D

  16. awww love it! yall are so sexy together lol.

    and lmao@ the lil dog, its my friends' and it
    always goes crazy when it sees me, tries to hump
    and jump me haha. xD

  17. hey rosita :)

    i decided to just look thru your blog bcus it is what i usually do when i like some ones blog lol! i sound like a stalker! haha but this post really hit me in a spot right now bcus im heart broken an havent been that much in a happy mood, it hurts so bad.. but im trying every day im trying to be happier and not repay evil evil with evil, im takin your post into a big consideration an takin my camera with me an do these things that will give me comfort, thank you rosita an know that some times peoples words have a way of healing some ones heart ache..

    xoxo-- La Barbie

  18. Hola mi linda.
    Damn i wish i saw this post sooner. I have been real busy pero now that i am on holidays it will be much easier to blog and reply to comments and guess what i bought a camera yesterday asi que ima take lots of photos like an asian tourist haha..

    Trust me mija, there have been plenty of times were i feel like repaying evil with evil too because i used to do it alot in the past pero i realised something, if you keep doing that the problem will never fade away because that person will only do what is human nature to them, so the cycle begins again. But i am glad you are keeping strong because by doing this you will save yourself alot of heartache and drama in the future. Tu corazonsito is hurt and the last thing it needs is to be hurt more. I hope this helped and just to let you know whenever you need i'm here :)

    Chin up hermosa.