Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sometimes i feel like i need to take a break from this fast paced life of cycles and normality. Every week its as if the cycle begins once again, "the life of the working man". Every single human being is so wrapped up in propaganda, media and money that they forget or sadly don't even know how to take time to find that place of serenity in the roots of awareness, or even by being one with their soul. By taking time out from even industrialism and getting intouch with nature in complete awareness. When i am in that place i let all my senses flow and experience what it really is to be human; to hear, see, feel everything this earth has to offer. It is then that i feel like i am truely living. It is like i am breathing in mother nature and my body connects with the earth as one. I appreciate the natural beauty; the wind blowing the leaves of the trees and the grass, the colours of all the flowers, the light and feel good energy of the sky and sun on my back. I am one, I am whole, I am happy, I am free. When i take a break from this fast paced life, even by going for walks it allows me to appreciate what it truely means to be a human being, and to treat my senses to the natural surroundings. Just a thought.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


As of yet I have not given a preamble, but that’s me, I don’t like to do things in order; the way they should be. Generally I am a typical teenager who styles hair for an income, to the public eye anyway. People don’t really give ‘inner-ness’ a chance, do they? Based on looks is what will delineate you, they may not say it out loud, but people sure are thinking it. I observe. I ponder.
What if one day I dressed as a ‘punk’, would I be treated the same?
I have a friend, who studies the different stereotypes; who goes into the world dressed as someone different, to view the different reactions you may get from people. What is he getting at? What am I getting at?
The world in which we live puts different people into particular groups based on the exterior. By being thrown in those groups we also espouse a personality by ‘their account and opinions’ without us even knowing. It’s like a web tied around us with thick CLEAR strings hard to break free of. That’s the power of judgement; it grows into the minds of others and before you know it, it’s fatal. It blinds us from the truth.
Those ‘People, who categorise' are like marching ants; stepping patterns all inclined, if you step one foot out of line you will defiantly be noticed for all the wrong reasons. Why? Because it’s simply, ‘not the way things should be done, ‘not the way you should dress’ and ‘definitely not the way you should act’.
How splendid would it be to just be free of such thoughts? To walk down the street dressed not like everybody else but how you feel without being frowned upon.
I admire people who break away from normality. I am drawn to them, like a moth to a flame. They are the light that brightens up this dull world of familiarity, routine and cycles. Just because of the ‘crippled ant’ that walks out of line there can be a conversation other than ‘how much do you make’, ‘where do you work’, and ‘what club did you hit up on the weekend’. They cycle does not stop, everything is ruled, we just choose to follow.

How beautiful would it be to just break away from everything? From society, the media, judgement and people like you.