Saturday, January 15, 2011


The other day mis amigos, my fiance y yo went to a photo shoot for LOCS SUNGLASSES. The pictures came out firme, and when my little baby is born i will be able to tell him/her that his mumma was THREE MONTHS pregnant when those cholo shots were taken. Anyways you ladies and guys should check 'em out. Their website is .They got a girls line but i would recommend them more for your men ladies, they look hott! The guy who took the photos is known as LA PASION PHOTOGRAPHY, un chileno firme con la camera. Look him up on facebook, oh and LOCS also has a facebook too ;) i'm tagged in the photos, and to let ya'll know mi nombre real es Veronica ;) jaja. Rosita Negra aka Black rose is just my stage name.

Gerardo & Me ;)

Oh and i just remembered that i was given a blog award by A Barbie Gone Bad. Check her out porque la niña es amable y super simpatica <3>
1. Obviously i love fashion and make up
2. I finished the first year of Justice with high scores, gracias a dios
3. I am the youngest of two sisters (a half sis and bro too) and am an aunty of five beautiful kids
4. I love reading up on the illuminati, or Socialism
5. I sing & rap, maybe one day i'll upload a video :O
6. I love to sketch
7. I love dancing, whether it be merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, i'm crazy, and i like to have the spot light on me jajaja *shy face*

I award this award to:
- Marisa
- La Cabrona
- A Barbie Gone Bad ;)
- Venus in Virgo
-Cindy Yang Lee
-Style by MLS
-Expensive Pink
-Princess Feef
- Mythology
& my new followers :)
- MakeupbyLaura1
- CR!
- Malia
- Rissa
and you know what all my followers ;)

Can't wait to find out the sex of the baby, six more weeks to go :D
and on monday i will be 16 weeks pregnant!



  1. wowww YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!!!! Such a beautiful latina ;) Thank you for the award :D Can't wait to know the sex of the baby as well, don't forget to tell us!

  2. wow thats so cool:) you look gorgeous! i remember locs!

  3. omg como eres tan bonita my friend.. and locs...omg ur bringin back some wonderful memories of mine..jajajaj neta my grandpa still wears locs!!!

  4. Hey girl its Leslie aka “LaBarbie” i made a new blog due to my old one not working, so please if you can get the chance it would mean alot to me if you followed my new blog!
    Thanks doll,
    Xoxo- LaBarbie

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