Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I finished school in 2008 and took a year off to relax and find myself. In that year i traveled to my beautiful country Chile. It had been six years since i last saw my 11 or something aunties and unlce's, big family huh? (imagine all their children and their children's children ha ha.) The experience really made me realise how much i take for granted living here in Australia. What i mean is everyday things that we use and don't appreciate, my family in Chile don't have. Poverty isn't a big thing for them, they are as happy as can be, making a living out of what they can and they inspire me. Some people are so money hungry and are never content with anything, i can't see myself reaching to that level.
Today as i was supposed to be doing an assignment for Justice blaaa, i kept getting distracted because i was face booking (yes i bet you knew it already) and just looking at photos of my trip to Chile. I remember the stray dogs on every corner of the streets, the park down the end of the road were all the boys from el barrio would go play soccer and all the kids play jump roap, the smell of fresh bread from the bakery every morning, the late nights drinking with the cousins and just joking around (my family are real crazy nut jokers, i'ma tell you that), the long talks with my cousin Nicole at night about everything and anything, the weird supernatural things that used to happen in our house (yes om goodness i witnessed some freaky stuff, whether there be a scientific reason or not i know what i saw and i wasn't the only one who saw it 'dunn dunn dunn') and just the every day general do nothing, have fun, tan outside of the house listening to the neighbours pump reggeaton. Life is so different over their compared to here. I remember the first night i stayed in Chile my sister and i actually heard gun shots and a lady screaming (you don't get that every night here in Australia do you?) Mega Culture shock.

Chile really is a beautiful country, the surrounding mountains and the fact the sometimes in the sky you can see The Andes at a distance, the sites and Santiago the capital, even the main cemetery were one of the presidents of Chile was buried "Allende". Everything was so beautiful, as much as I'd love to travel to different countries i must make it back to Chile to see my beloved family.

NOTE. If you live in pretty much the ghetto like i do, don't plan on taking nice clothes because even clubbing in Chile consists of Chuck Taylor's, jeans and hoody or tee.

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog :) you're so pretty! And Chile looks like a beautiful country :)