Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beauty in the everyday..

I can hear the crickets, feel the cool wind, taste the air and see beauty in the blue, grey sky before me. I make pictures out of the clouds, but i am quick for the clouds change their shape so quickly. Everything is so beautiful before me, i wonder; how did it all come to be? How did nature progress into idustrialism? How did it come to be that wearing shoes with a heel on the end are classified as fashionable? Where did the word fashionable come from in the first place? I feel wonder and mystery when i look at the world before me, from the night sky to the stars shinning and sparkling in the sky that might be already dead by the time we see it on earth. It is amazing if you truely think about it.
Everytime i look at something old, i see it in a new light, more like new eyes. You must or you will loose apreciation of it because it becomes ruitine (as is everything else in this life.) I will always have the mentality of a child, so pure hearted; to see things in awe and appreciate them for what they are. To look at people just as they are, not for what they are wearing. See with age we get taught to look at things a certain way, in saying that i think a child is more mature then the average adult as we become slaves to society's way of thinking, not what we were born with. Society grasps us by delicious things that are tempting to crave and feed off of such as the media and such, captivating us and changeing our way of thinking deriving us away from our nature, but i am different and see things differently. Most people won't understand this, and do not understand me. I have spirit, i have life, i am just me and i feel beautiful and im learning to embrace my differences from the average teenager, i am learning to love me.


  1. "Happiness is achieved only when distracted from the true horror of the universe"

  2. Great post :)
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  3. i am glad you liked it!
    i blog from the heart, so it means alot :)