Wednesday, September 22, 2010

J.LO '05

Jennifer Lopez.

Since i can remember i have loved Jennifer Lopez, growing up i remember jammin' to her tunes since the age of 11 and kicking back to her movies since i was like . .younger. Alot of people down grade her because she doesn't have a big voice such as other artists but for real i admire her because she never gives up and she works so damn hard. She has her own clothing label, her own perfume line (my faves, "Miami Glow" & "Live by JLo" LOVE THEM), countless of albums and songs she has written, not to mention how creative some of her concepts are for her music videos, and she has even started to produce movies.
A little latina from the Bronx can really go places and even though she has been critisized for re-marrying, she says "i am a big believer in love, i am not afraid of it, i leap right into it". That one phrase made me think, we have all been hurt in the past by past girlfriends/boyfriends and i for one have always struggeld to let people in because of the pain, but since hearing her say that there is nothing to really be afraid of. If we live life being scared of something we WILL miss out on something beautiful. Don't let others ruin things for you, life is short, all you can do is take what you can from it, including the strength you gained and the knowledge you now posess, ;)

This is off her fashion show for VOGUE . 2005.


  1. ooooooooooo pretty pretty!

    ps. love the song on the page.

  2. gorgeous coolection!! love the textures and colors <3

  3. thankyou ladies! she is a very talented woman whom i look up to very much :)

  4. i love J lo just like yourself :) she's so beautiful and talented. I love the crop brown trousers they're so pretty :) love your blog :D